5-2-11-Azad et al


M.J. Azad*, M.S. Ali, M.R. Islam, M. Yeasmin and K.H. Pk
*Corresponding author; E-mail:mishad.16dec@yahoo.com

The purpose of this study was to determine the problems perceived by the farmers in vegetable cultivation and to explore the relationship of the selected characteristics of the vegetable growers with their problems. Data were collected from 109 vegetable growers of six villages of Belgachi Union of Alamdanga Upazila under Chuadanga district by using a pretested interview schedule during 15 January to 13 February, 2013. Pearson product moment correlation was used to determine the relationship between the selected characteristics of the vegetable growers with their problems perceived in vegetable cultivation. The findings revealed that majority (79.90%) of the respondents perceived medium to high problem in vegetable cultivation and 21.10% perceived low problem in vegetable cultivation. Co-efficient of correlation showed that out of nine variables only two variables, namely vegetable cultivation area and annual income from vegetable of the vegetable growers had significant negative relationship with their problem perceived in vegetable cultivation. According to problem perceived index ‘lower price of vegetables’ ranked the first problem followed by ‘high price of inputs’, ‘disease attack’, ‘insect attack’, ‘lack of technical knowledge’, ‘lack of HYV seed seedling-1’, ‘lack of technical help’, ‘lack of loan facility’ and ‘losses of vegetable production due to natural calamity’.

Key words: Vegetable cultivation, Problem perceived and Characteristics of farmers.

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