6-2-11-Rahman et al

Screening of Field Pea genotypes against salinity stress under laboratory condition

Authors: M. A. Rahman, R. R. Saha, M. A. Jahan, B. Ahmed and N. Mokarroma

*Corresponding author, E-mail: aminurbari@gmail.com


Thirty field pea genotypes were tested against varying levels of salinity (0, 5, 10 and 15 dS m-1) in Hoagland solution under laboratory condition at Plant Physiology Division, BARI during 2013-2014 to find out the salt tolerant genotypes at germination and seedling stages.  The study was conducted in completely randomized design (CRD) with three replications. Distilled water was used as control (0 dS m-1) treatment.  Germination percentage, seedling root and shoot length, root and shoot dry weight and vigor index were found to be affected by different levels of salinity. The genotypes BD-4159, BD-4150, BD-4163, BD-4161, BD-4152, BD-4160, BD-4167 and BD-4151 showed better performance up to 10 dS ­­­m-1 as evaluated on the basis of germination percentage, seedling growth and vigour index.

Key words: Field pea, Salinity, Genotypes, Germination and vigour index

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