9-2-7 Off Season Seed Yields of BJRI Tossa Pat-7 and BJRI Tossa Pat-5 as affected by sowing dates and locations

Jannatul Ferdous and M. Mahbubul Islam*

*Corresponding author email: mahbub_agronomy@yahoo.com


The experiment was conducted at two locations; Manikganj and Jessore to determine seed yield performance of two tossa jute varieties (BJRI Tossa Pat-7 and BJRI Tossa Pat -5) sown at five sowing dates viz., 30 July, 15 August, 30 August, 15 September and 30 September during 2016-17. The experiment was laid out in RCB design with three replications. The cultivar BJRI Tossa Pat-5 was used as control. Results revealed that BJRI Tossa Pat-7 yielded higher at Manikganj (766.67 kg ha-1) which was 13% higher than that as was obtained at Jessore (678.33 kg ha-1. The respective seed yield as was shown by BJRI Tossa Pat -5 at these two sites were 653.87 and 584.67 kg ha-1. The higher seed yield of the BJRI Tossa pat -7 was attributed to higher values of seed weight per plant (5.46-5.85 g) as compared to the BJRI Tossa pat-5 (3.62-3.80 g). BJRI Tossa Pat-7 sown on 15th and 30th August at Manik Gonj showed significantly higer seed yields (989-995 kg) compared to those (1045 and 973.33 kg) of BJRI Tossa Pat-7 and BJRI Tossa Pat-5 sown at Jessore. BJRI Tossa Pat-7 sown on 15th and 30th August at Manik Gonj had also significantly higher values in yield attributes such as number of pods/plant (34.9-37.77), seeds/pod (179-185) and seed weight per plant (7.03-9.23 g). The lowest seed yield (298.33 kg) was obtained BJRI Tossa Pat-7 sown at Jessore on 15th September which was attributed to the lowest values number of pods per plant (21.17-26.43), seeds/pod (148-161) and seed weight per plant (4.43 – 6.44 g). 1000 seed weight and germination % significantly varied at Manikgonj while these two seed attributes along with seed moisture after harvest was not significantly varied due to the treatments. At Manik Gonj the heaviest seeds (1.94 g/1000) was obtained with v2s3 and significantly higher germination (89-92.67%) were obtained with v2s2 and v2s3 treatments.

Keywords: Jute, sowing date, seed production, yield, quality, location

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J. Expt. Biosci.9(2) July 2018
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