Mst. Rifat Jahan, Tania Sharmin, Zannat Akhter, Md. Abdullahil Baque
and H.M.M. Tariq Hossain*

*Corresponding author: hmmtariq@yahoo.com


The study was carried out at the Agronomy Field of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Dhaka, Bangladesh during November 2015 - February 2016 to evalute the planting geometric effect on yield of rapeseed and mustard varieties. The treatment comprised of three varieties viz. BARI Sarisha-11, BARI Sarisha-14 and BARI Sarisha-17 with five planting geometry viz. Random geometry, 25 cm × 5 cm, 30 cm × 5 cm, 35 cm × 5 cm and 40 cm × 5 cm respectively. The seed yield varied significantly among varieties. As varietal effect, BARI Sarisha-11 produced the maximum seed yield, stover yield and biological yield at harvest. The planting geometry affected significantly on the seed yield, stover yield, biological yield and harvest index. In the case of planting geometry 30 cm × 5 cm showed highest biological yield but 25 cm × 5 cm resulted with highest seed yield and harvest index only. Although the wider spaced plants appeared with vigorous growth and yield but failed to produce maximum seed yield due to lack of optimum plant population. Among the combination of treatments, BARI Sarisha-11 ranked top in seed yield (2.15 t ha-1), stover yield and biological yield when it was sown with 35 cm x 5 cm geometric arrangement.

Keywords : Brassica spp., Varieties, Planting geometry, Yield.

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J. Expt. Biosci.9(2) July 2018
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