Author (s): M. M. Rohman1, M. Shalim Uddin1, M. A Miah2, Ferdousi Begum1 and M. M. Billah1


Eight genotypes of hull-less barley were evaluated across three locations (Gazipur, Jessore and Ishurdi, Bangladesh) during rabi 2005-06 and 2006-07 to study genotype and environment (G × E) interaction and identify stable genotypes with high yield potential using Eberhart and Russell's model. Eight hull-less barley genotypes (BHL-1, BHL-3, BHL-12, BHL-13, BHL-15, BHL-18, BHL-19 and BB-3) including a check (BB-3) were used as study materials. Results revealed that the means sum squares due to location (L), year (Y), their interaction (L × Y), genotype (G), interactions of genotype, locations and year (G × L), (G × Y), (G × L × Y) were significant for all the characters studied exhibiting considerable variability among the genotypes across locations and years. The combined analysis of variance of genotype (G), environment (E) and their interaction (G × E) also showed strong variability due to environments. According to Eberhart and Russell's model, all of the genotypes were influenced by environment, where, BHL-13 and BHL-18 were mostly responsive to favorable environments; however, BHL-3 and BHl-12 were unpredictable in nature for days to maturity. In respect to plant height, BHL-18 and BB-6 were suitable for poor environment. Among the genotypes, performance of BHL-3 and BHl-12 were unpredictable for number of grains/plant. For 1000-grain weight, BHL-1 was highly responsive to its growing condition, while, BHL-3 seemed to be suitable for poor environment in an unpredictable nature. The remaining genotypes were sensitive to favorable environment. The genotypes BHL-19 had nearly unit regression coefficient (bi) value with small deviation from regression (S2di) value and higher mean of yield/plant in terms of stability indicating that this genotype had stable performance for yield in all the growing environments.

J. Expt. Biosci.1(1):1-6, January 2010

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1Plant Breeding Division 2Regional Agricultural Research Station, Jessore, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
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