Author (s): M. M. Rohman1, M. S. Uddin1, M. N. Amin1, B. R. Banik1 and M. H. Rashid1


The study was undertaken to compare the activity levels of glutathione S-transferases (GSTs, EC., the most studied stress inducible family enzyme, in different cereals crops at Molecular Breeding Laboratory, Plant Breeding Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Joydebpur, Gazipur. The soluble proteins were extracted from whole seedlings of rice (BRRI dhan 28), wheat (BARI wheat 24), maize (inbred line BIL 79 and BARI hybrid maize 7), barley (BARI barley 4 and 6) and millets (BARI kaon 1 and Tusher) and the specific activities of GSTs were assayed towards model substrate 1-chloro-2, 4-dinitrobenzene (CDNB). The level of specific activity was found to be the highest in wheat (647 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein) followed by rice (579 nmol min-1 mg-1 protein), BARI barley 4 (550 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein) and Tusher (486 nmol min-1 mg-1 protein); where as, lower value was recorded from BARI kaon 1 (228 nmol min-1 mg-1 protein). The GST activity levels in BIL 79, BARI Hybrid Maize 7 and BARIbarley 6 ranged between 350-500 nmol min-1 mg-1 protein. In silver staining gel electrophoresis, some variation was observed among the protein bands of different cereals between the GST ranges (21-29 kDA). The activity levels GSTs greatly varied in roots and shoots of the crops studied, where, the level was found much higher in roots than shoots. The highest level of GST activity was observed in rice root (748 nmol min -1 mg -1 protein) followed by the root of wheat (nmol min -1 mg-1 protein) and BARI barley 6 (649 nmol min -1 mg -1 protein). Roots of BARI kaon 1 showed the lowest GST activity (340 nmol min -1 mg -1 protein), while the activity in roots of other cereals ranged from 500 to 600 nmol min -1 mg -1 proteins. In shoots, BARI barley 4 showed the highest specific activity (233 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein) followed by wheat (220 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein) and Tusher (216 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein). Root of BARI kaon 1 had the lowest specific activity (108 nmol min-1 mg -1 protein). The soluble proteins extracted from shoots of other cereals studied showed the specific GST activity levels within 130-200 nmol min -1 mg -1 protein.

Key words: Glutathione S- transferases, Cereal crops, Seedling

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J. Expt. Biosci.1(2):31-36, July 2010
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