Author (s): M.M. Rahman*1, M. A. Z. Chowdhury2, M.G. Hossain3, M. N. Amin4, M.A. Muktadir5 and M.H. Rashid
*Corresponding author, E-mail:


A 7 x 7 diallel experiment (excluding reciprocal) on Brassica rapa (toria) was conducted to study the nature and magnitude of gene action analysis and inheritance of some selected genotypes for seed yield and other related characters such as days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, plant height, primary branches per plant, secondary branches per plant, length of siliqua, siliquae plant-1, seeds siliqua-1, 1000-seed weight, seed yield plant-1, harvest index and oil content. The components of variation along with the derived genetic ratios for different traits, showed that the D and H components, which measure additive and dominance variation respectively, were significant for all the traits studied. The results indicated the importance of both additive and dominance components for the inheritance of all the traits in Brassica campestris. However, the magnitude of dominance was higher than the additive component for all the traits except days to maturity, siliqua per plant, which indicated that dominance component had a predominant role in the inheritance of these traits. The positive and negative estimation of h2 indicated mean direction of dominance and respective genes towards positive and negative sides, respectively. The results showed that eight characters viz. plant height, primary branches plant-1, 1000-seed weight, secondary branches plant-1, siliquae plant-1 and seed yield plant-1 possessed positive effects, indicating the mean direction of dominance as well as importance of dominant genes in the expression of these traits. On the other hand days to flowering, days to maturity, seeds siliqua-1, harvest index and oil content exhibited the values in negative direction, showing the excess of recessive genes for these traits.

Key words: Brassica rapa (toria), Gene action, Additive and non-additive gene actions and Seed yield

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J. Expt. Biosci. 2(2): July 2011
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