Author (s): I. M. Ahmed1, M. Shaheenuzzamn 2, U. A. Nadira 3, M. H. Ahmed 4 and A. Hossain5


A field experiment was conducted at Tuber Crops Research Substation of Munshigonj and Breeder Seed Production Farm, Debigonj of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute during Rabi (October to March) season of 2009-2010 to find out the optimum rate of Hammer 24 EC with or with out hand weeding for controlling weeds in potato field. Post planting (7-days after planting) spraying of Hammer 24 EC @ 104 to 125 ml ha-1 controlled 80 to 85% Bathua (Chenopodium album) weed, Amaranthus viridis (Shaknotey), Alternanthera philoxeroides (Maloncho), Lindernia anagallis (Panigas), Gnaphalium affine (Bonocopy) in both the locations. The highest tuber yields (24.34 t ha -1 at Munshigonj and 23.46 t ha -1 at Debigonj) were recorded with Hammer 24 EC treated @85 ml ha-1 at 7 DAP +1 HW at 25 DAP. The results were identical with the Hammer 24 EC treated @ 104 ml ha-1 at 7 DAP and @ 125 ml ha-1 at 7 DAP. Plants grown without herbicide (control) yielded 18.5 t ha-1 and 17.9 t ha-1 at Munsigonj and Debigonj, respectively.

Keywords: Herbicide, Potato and Yield

J. Expt. Biosci. 2(1): 11 –14, January 2011

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