Author (s): A.F.M. Jamal Uddin1*, M.J. Hossan, M.S. Islam, M.K. Ahsan and H. Mehraj
*Corresponding author, E-mail:


Response of gibberellic acid concentrations on the growth and yield of strawberry germplasm was studied at Horticulture Farm, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka during the period from October 2010 to April 2011. The experiment consisted of different GA3 concentrations viz. G0 = control (fresh water) G1 =50 ppm, G2 = 75 ppm and G3 = 100 ppm. Tallest plant (31.4 cm), the maximum number of leaves (11.1), maximum leaf area (64.5 cm2), maximum number of flower bud (30.0) and highest number of flower (28.7) was recorded from G2 treated strawberry plant. Maximum number of fruits (25.9/plant), fruit weight (13.2 g) and yield (336.6 g) per plant were found with 75 ppm GA3 application, whereas the minimum was recorded in control. Foliar application with 75 ppm GA3 showed the best performance on growth and yield of strawberry. Application of GA3 also increased the sweetness of the berries in comparison to control.

Keywords: Gibberellic acid, Foliar application and Fragaria x ananassa.

J. Expt. Biosci. 3(2): July 2012

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