Author (s): S. Akther, F. Ahmed, M. A. Hossen, B. Ahmed and M. A. Hossain


A field experiment was conducted during rabi seasons of 2010-2011 to evaluate sowing dates effect on phenology, growth and yield of lentil genotypes. Fourteen genotypes (T1 = BLX-01012-7, T2 = BLX-01014-9, T3 = BLX-99033-14, T4 = BLX-9903-11, T5 = ILI-5143, T6 = BLX-01013-1, T7 = BLX-99033-19,  T8= X-95-3-167(4), T9 = BLX-98001-1, T10 = BLX-98002-3, T11 = BARI Mosur-3, T12 = BARI Mosur-4, T13 = BARI Mosur-5, T14 = BARI Mosur-6) were tested at four sowing dates (November 10, November 25, December 10 and December 25) in the present study. Sowing dates greatly influenced vegetative (emergence to first flowering time) and reproductive growth stages (flowering to pod maturity time) as well as crop maturity. In November 10 sown crop first flower was observed at 48 days after sowing (DAS) in most of the genotypes while that was around 50 DAS in November 25 sown crop. Beyond November 25 sowing, flowering was enhanced and as a result December 10 sown crop took about 47 days to first flower while December 25 sown crop took only 45 days. Crop maturity was enhanced with delay sowing. November 10 sown crop was harvested within 116-118 DAS while November 25 sown within 102-103 DAS. December 10 and December 25 sown crop took 92-94 DAS and 80-90 DAS, respectively to become mature. Almost all of the genotypes performed well at November 10 and November 25 sowing might be due to favorable temperatures (min.9.50 to 10.0 oC and max. 20.0 to 24.0 oC) prevailed at flowering and pod development stages. The higher seed yield 2167 kg ha-1 was recorded in T11 (BARI Mosur-3) at November 10 and lower yield 417 kg ha-1 in T2 (BLX-01014-9) at December 25 sowing. However, irrespective of sowing dates T3 (BLX-99033-14), T7 (BLX-99033-19), T10 (BLX-98002-3) and T11 (BARI Mosur-3) performed well.

Kew words: Sowing date, phenology, lentil   and yield

J. Expt. Biosci. 4(1):1-8, January 2013

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