5-2-9-Uddin et al


M.K.B. Uddin, S. Naznin*, M.A. Kawochar, R.U. Choudhury and M.A. Awal
*Corresponding author; E-mail: nazninsau@gmail.com


An experiment was conducted at the Crop Botany Field Laboratory, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh to study the morphological and growth characters of wheat and peanut in intercropping association. In this intercropping, wheat was considered as main crop and peanut as intercrop. The experiment comprised of four treatments namely, sole wheat, sole peanut, single row intercropping (1W:1P i.e., one row of wheat followed by one row of peanut), and double row intercropping (1W:2P i.e., one row of wheat followed by two rows of peanut).  The plant height, number of tillers hill-1, primary branches plant-1, spikes hill-1, secondary branches plant-1, leaves culm-1, primary leaves plant-1, and total number of leaves hill-1 or plant and leaf area index (LAI) were the maximum in sole cropped plants while those were the minimum in 1W:1P intercropped plants. Root, stem, leaf, spike or pod and whole plant’s dry matter were maximum in sole cropped plants while those were minimum in 1W:2P intercropped wheat and 1W:1P intercropped peanut plants. The highest grain weight plant-1 (8.03 g) was harvested from sole cropping which was about 20 and 9% higher grain weight than that of wheat plants grown under single (6.39 g)  and double row intercropping (7.32 g), respectively. Similarly, sole peanut plants produced highest (15.08 g) seed weight plant-1 which was about 35 and 25% higher seed weight plant-1  than that of the peanut plants grow under 1W:1P (9.84 g)   and 1W:2P (11.26 g) intercropping systems, respectively. Concerning all the characters studied, it can be concluded that the wheat and peanut crops are compatible in their intercropping mixture and double row intercropping system is superior to their sole stands or single row intercropping system.

Key words: Morphophysiological characters, intercropping, wheat and peanut.

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