6-1-5-Himel et al


Mahbubul kabir Himel*, Abdul Mannan Akanda and Abul khair
*Corresponding author; Email: himelbotju@juniv.edu


Investigations were carried out on field disease of potato in BADC farm at Domar, Nilphamari.It was appeared that at least fourteen different symptoms, such as, leaf rosette, stiffness of the stem, production of aerial tuber, shortening of stolon, erupted tuber eyes, scurfing and development of light to dark brown lesions on the root as well as on the stem were developed in potato due to infection of R. solani. In many cases, the growing potato plants developed mild leaf curl and yellowing which seemed to be the characteristic symptoms produced by two major potato viruses – Potato virus Y (PVY) and Potato leaf roll virus (PLRV). However DAS-ELISA proved that those were not produced by PVY and PLRV. Moreover, all the symptoms were not associated with all the potato varieties surveyed. Rossette was absent in Asterix whereas stiffness of stem was found in Diamant and Cardinal. Cardinal and Asterix were free from aerial tuberization and erupted tuber eyes though Granula was free only from the later one. The result of the study demonstrated that the disease symptoms caused by R. solani varied depending on the potato varieties.

Keywords: R. solani., potato diseases , Diamant, Felsina, Cardinal, Granula, Asterix.

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