6-1-14-Nasrin et al


Z. Nasrin*, M.S.U. Bhuiya and M.F. Karim
*Corresponding author Email: zinatratna@hotmail.com


A field experiment was carried out at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh to assess the response of physiological attributes of transplant aman rice under different green manuring and nitrogen levels. The treatments consisted of three levels of Mimosa invisa biomass; M0= 0 t ha-1(control),M1= 5 t ha-1 and M2=10 t ha-1 and four levels of nitrogen N0= 0% N ha-1(control), N1= 25% N ha-1 (20.7 kg N ha-1), N2= 75% N ha-1(62.1 kg N ha-1) and N3 = 100% N ha-1of recommended dose (82.8 kg N ha-1). Incorporation of Mimosa invisa biomass at different rates in soil changed significantly the values of physiological attributes such as specific leaf area (SLA), crop growth rate (CGR), relative growth rate (RGR), net assimilation rate (NAR) values. The application of 10 t ha-1 of Mimosa invisa biomass gave highest specific leaf area i.e. 270.54 cm2 g-1 at 50 DAT but lowest SLA i.e. 174.025 cm2 g-1 at 75 DAT. CGR (18.68 gm-2day-1), RGR (0.085 gg-1 day-1) and NAR (0.011 mgdm-2day-1) values were greater with Mimosa invisa at 5 to 10 t ha-1at early growth stage when no Mimosa invisa had better RGR (0.028gg-1 day-1) and NAR (0.006 mgdm-2day-1) at the middle of growth stages. Application of 100% RD and 25% RD gave maximum SLA at 25 DAT when 75% RD showed highest (262.68 cm2g-1) at 50 DAT but no difference was marked at 75 DAT. 75% RD produced early maximum CGR (20.23 gm-2day-1), RGR (0.087gg-1day-1) and NAR (0.010 mgdm-2day-1) when no nitrogen gave lower CGR and RGR at early stage but produced greater NAR (0.006 mgdm-2day-1). Mimosa invisa either at 5 or 10 t ha-1 along with 25 to 75% RD producing maximum SLA, CGR, RGR and NAR at early growth stage for good support of growth, development and yield of aman rice.

Keywords : Physiological attributes, Green manure, Mimosa invisa and nitrogen.

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